8 Upcoming Ferrari Cars Destined to Become New Symbols of Luxury and Speed

Even though Ferrari is the straight forward definition for grand touring supercars, the Italian manufacturer has not said the final word the segment continuing to release new exciting models. 2020 welcomes 100% fresh lineup of automobiles, which benefit from the twin-turbo V8 and V12 power and push forward the boundaries of the ultimate sports luxury.

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#1 2021 Ferrari Roma

The Ferrari emanates confidence and calm with its wide stance and as per the manufacturer, should possess the flair of the 1950s carefree Rome lifestyle, hence the name of the model. 70% of the Roma’s components are entirely new.

#2 2020 Ferrari 812 GTS

Claimed to be the most powerful production convertible on the market, the 2020 Ferrari 812 GTS forgoes turbocharging and hybrid tech, utilizing pure naturally aspirated V12 engine with 6.5L of displacement and 800 horses of power output.

#3 2020 Ferrari SF90 Stradale

SF90 is the name of the Formula 1 car developed by the Ferrari Racing Division, while Stradale translates from Italian as “road going”, so basically the creators are hinting that this new stallion is the closest you can get to a road legal Ferrari race car.

#4 2020 Ferrari F8 Tributo

2020 Ferrari F8 Tributo can be called an updated version of the 488 GTB, that receives a more aerodynamic exterior, the top 488 Pista engine, and a revamped cabin that offers more comfort to the passengers.

#5 2020 Ferrari 488 Challenge Evo

The 2019 Ferrari Finali Mondiali at the Mugello Circuit marked the arrival of two 488 models equipped with the newly developed Evo package. The first one is a track oriented 488 Challenge which increases its aerodynamic efficiency by 30%.

#6 2020 FERRARI P80/C

2020 FERRARI P80/C is a one-off supercar by the brand that was commissioned by one of the company’s loyal customers, taking almost 5 years to be developed and built. The model is based on the 488 GT3 chassis, and is rumored to score the powertrain from the 488 Pista.

#7 2020 Ferrari F8 Spider

2020 Ferrari F8 Spider is one of the latest convertible supercars from the brand, that utilizes all of the construction, aerodynamics, and tech developments introduced by the F8 Tributo, which make it 50-horses more powerful and 44 pounds lighter than the 488 Spider.

#8 2020 Ferrari 488 GT3 EVO

The second 488 to receive an Evo Aero package for the 2020 model year is the GT3 which will compete in the next GT racing season.

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